Episode Two: Feminist Critiques & Rejections of Veganism

In this episode, Chris and I discuss the sexualization of veganism and what a bummer it is that veganism often mimics mainstream ideas of beauty and fitness instead of carving out new territory (or at least that was the point I was trying to make), I express bad body feels, and we (mostly Chris) bemoan the ways veganism would be great except people. After that, I look at feminist critiques and rejections of veganism as well as vegan feminist responses to those ideas, and lastly I chat with Callie and Nichole from Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! about the short feminist horror film “The Herd”.

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NOTE: First, I am terrible at math and realized, when discussing my former weight, that I had implied I was overweight at 155 pounds. While I am not sure how much exactly I weighed, I was noticeably overweight enough to deal with regular criticism and "concern" from my family, my doctor, as well as comments from complete randos. However, I also don't mean to imply that I experienced life as a fat person. 


Babe by Val Plumwood

Loving Animals: Toward A New Animal Advocacy by Kathy Rudy

“The Feminist Case for Veganism” by Aph Ko

“The Feminist Connection” by Carol Wiley

“Locavores, Feminism, and the Question of Meat by Kathy Rudy

Feminism and the Mastery of Nature by Val Plumwood

“Being Prey” by Val Plumwood

"Are Feminists Morally Required to Be Vegetarian or Vegan?" by Celia Edell

"Fighting Cocks: Ecofeminism Versus Sexualized Violence by" Pattrice Jones

“Social Justice Beliefs And Addiction To Uncompassionate Consumption” by A. Breeze Harper

Episode 326: Brenda Sanders, Kassy Ortega, and Caryn Ginsberg by Our Hen House

The Herd by Melanie Light

“Vegetarians Don’t Care About Feminism Anymore” by Alicia Kennedy

Opening Track: "They Breathe" by Ba'ad Trip

Episode One: Meat & Masculinity


On this (first!) episode, my boyfriend Chris and I tear into the article "Veganism: Just An Udder First World Problem", talk about whether the word rape is appropriate when discussing the dairy industry, and (I) get emotional about the amazing piece "Vegan Food Owes You Nothing" by Marla Rose. 

Then I discuss the historical impact of meat and masculinity, how it has influenced advertising as well as television, and why both have played into the cultural understanding of what it means to be a man. 

Finally, I interrogate Chris about his relationship with masculinity (as a straight, bodybuilding, vegan dude) and where he gets his protein*.  

*no I don't

NOTE: Upon reviewing this episode, I realized that while editing I accidentally clipped out my reference to the essay "You Are What You (M)eat: Explorations of Meat-eating, Masculinity and Masquerade" by Amy Calvert. My apologies. 


Beyond Beef by Jeremy Rifkin

Meat: A Natural Symbol by Nick Fiddes

An Unnatural Order by Jim Mason

In Meat We Trust: An Unexpected History of Carnivore America by Maureen Ogle

The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams

“Having It His Way” by Carrie Freeman and Debra Merskin

"Neanderthal Women Join Men In The Hunt" by Nicholas Wade

You Are What You (M)eat: Explorations of Meat-eating, Masculinity and Masquerade by Amy Calvert

Opening Track: "They Breathe" by Ba'ad Trip